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Book Review | A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

Once in a while I need a fairy tale type story to lighten the mood and I thought Cecelia Ahern's A Place Called Here would do the trick, as I had previously enjoyed her P.S.: I Love You

I did finish the book, but it lost me halfway through, as I suspected I wouldn't get any real answers. I was right. The plot had potential, with the story of a really tall woman called Sandy Shortt (meh) who's obsessed with things going missing, and who later decides the perfect career for her would be to find missing people. Then she goes missing. My favorite irony until the place where she was was introduced.

Whenever bouts of reality were intertwined in the story, I was quite entertained. I enjoyed all the aspects about one losing oneself while trying to find things and people. The metaphorical and existential questions. All that was very interesting. The romance bits were entertaining enough. Not as passionate as I was expecting, but at least movie-like, with dialogs that played wonderfully inside my head.

However, sometimes those dialogs and even character actions started to feel cliché-like.

When fantasy took an impacting role in the story, it all began to feel boring. Underwhelming. There were no real plot twists and no explanations. Just dots to be connected and gaps to be filled by my own mind.

The plot introduced a place (called Here) where all things missing end up being at. It was confusing and, instead of whimsical, it became a little too much as there were not always links to the real world so that the fantasy world made sense. It was like the book promised but didn't deliver.

I also didn't like that some parts were written in the first person and others were not.

Oh, and the comma splices were very distracting. I wasn't sure if it was Ahern's style of writing, but they really felt like comma splices. They should go away to that place called Here.



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