quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2016

Book Review | Endless Night by Agatha Christie

I must say all of the books by Agatha Christie I read, I read them when I was a teenager. Now that I picked up this Endless Night book at the library, I feel as though I should reread all Christie's books and even get to the ones I missed. An old flame has been rekindled with double the strength, it seems.

I've only read a few of the odd books (as I call those that are neither related to Poirot nor Miss Marple), but I never read such a thin and fast paced one written in the first person. I had no trouble diving into the world of this young man with great aspirations but with a humble background, and his journey into the rich man's world accompanied by a lovely lady he met while on the British countryside.

I was 80 pages from the end and I really thought this must be just one book of a series. It could not possibly end in 80 pages! Well, it did and it did not disappoint. The twist was somewhat predictable, but not all of it. It was a nice, gloomy surprise such as the ones Agatha Christie so cleverly draws. 

At first I thought the book was too short to make one feel something for the main character, but I have a different opinion now. The book is the perfect size for the plot it developed and for the characters it introduced. It wasn't as flourished as some of the other books I read in the past, but it had brilliant touches here and there, much like a painting that seems bland at first, before the details pop out on the landscape.

I do remember now why I spent so many evenings reading Agatha Christie's books. They're marvelous and delicious, without ever being boring, without ever being too condescending, without ever being enough. I now feel like going to the library and fetch me another mystery like this one.



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