terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2015

When In Doubt, Choose A Thali

A thali is a plate with a selection of small dishes that one can order when eating out. It's usually inexpensive. This one was 80 rupees, which is a little over 1 euro (1 euro = 73 rupees). I actually chose a simpler one, but the waiter suggested the special version of the one I chose. It's very common to be suggested to try another, more expensive dish when you order something at a cheap place. 

So I went from a 60 rupee (less than 1 euro) thali to this one and I was not disappointed. Dad had told me that this is one of the best ways to have lunch in Goa and that I would enjoy the vegetarian options. This is a veg one, as they call it here. I did enjoy it very much with a cold lime juice.

Unfortunately, I cannot properly grasp Indian English yet, so I almost could not communicate with the waiter with anything but basic English words, pointing at the menu, and some rudimentary sign language. I wish I could have asked about all the things I was eating. They were all delicious and spicy. 

Thalis are a good way to taste a selection of meals in one plate. Rice and chapati (the flat, plain pancake) are always there, but the dishes change according to the region and places one chooses. Curd (yogurt) is a must, as it is eaten last as a palate cleanser and to improve digestion. 

This one included mango pickle (called achar), coleslaw without mayo, and dessert (the orange spiral thing, which is called jalebi). The other dishes had dhal (lentils), chickpeas, potato, eggplant, and cabbage. I wish I knew what that rosy water with cilantro leaves and green chili pepper was. I mixed it with the curd.

Thalis will be my best friends whenever I get to eat out. It's an easy choice, as I love Spanish tapas. Forrest Gump's mom would love thalis as well, since you never know what flavor you're going to get.


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