sexta-feira, 25 de dezembro de 2015

I Should Be Taking A Nap

People here nap a lot. Correction. My family naps a lot, especially right after meals. It doesn't sound healthy, but many people do that here in the neighborhood, so after lunch hours are pretty quiet.

I was never a napper, not even in kindergarten. I enjoy my nap time reading, writing, surfing the web and catching up with friends in Portugal. At least with those that can chat during work hours.

I do not mind the sun, so I often go for walks too. It seems like it's the day's peak, with the sun shining the brightest as it will ever do, the colors vivid and glowing, the sounds of nature sharper.

Mom says I should take a nap, but it's much more fun to feel so awake while so many people are sleeping.


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