domingo, 27 de dezembro de 2015

Serial seriousness

My uncle R. told me my face is often serious or sad. Yeah, I get that a lot, so that means I haven't changed. I've always seen it as being pensive, which I often am. I cannot control my resting face and I cannot force myself to smile all the time, but uncle thinks that's the answer to all problems. "Just laugh, laugh, laugh," was his advice.

Dad told me my first posts were pessimistic. I also get that a lot. I'm serious and pessimistic. I've always been this way. I guess this is a part of discovering myself while discovering Goa. But would I be who I am or do what I do had I evolved differently? No, and I probably wouldn't even be writing a blog.

Name one writer who's always optimistic and cheerful and generally expansive. No, self- help gurus don't count. And many of those had to learn what they know and teach from less than happy experiences.

Most writers I've grown to love are serious and pessimistic, and their genius derives from that. I may have unconsciously tried to mimic them, but my main theory is that no one who uses the brain can be happy all the time. It's the opposite of ignorance being a bliss. Knowledge is doom.

I do smile a lot here though. I found that's the best language one can have while traveling. It beats the best dictionaries. It's street smarts 101. Other than that, I'll keep my generally contemplative state, which is what I do when I'm not doing something specific. If my thoughts want to wander to less happy landscapes, let them.


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