sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2016

Why Don't I Just Write In English?

A friend asked me if wouldn't it be better for me to just write in English, especially since probably more Indians speak English rather than Portuguese. The truth is I enjoy writing in Portuguese. 

First of all it's my mother tongue. It comes naturally to me. I like the sound of it in my brain. I like the looks of it when I see the words. It sounds beautiful and looks beautiful to me.

When I created this blog I let go of boundaries and decided I should write in whatever format suits me at the time. That's why I've been writing in English from time to time, at random.

Book reviews, for example, seem a logical choice since I read mostly in English. My opinion on those books comes naturally in English. They even start forming while I'm reading.

Second reason, I'm not good at making choices. I don't like closing doors. I like options. I enjoy expressing many things in many ways. One day I might include graphics, videos, drawings. Who knows? I enjoy variety, diversity, richness of content, clashes of culture, having readers from all over.

Third, why not? I know it's weird answering a 'why' question with a 'why' answer, but that's my best explanation. Why not? There are many, many blogs in English. There are many, many blogs in Portuguese. I'm mixing it up. It fits my purpose, which is to write whatever, whenever. It suits the place I'm at, which was a Portuguese colony, which is now not exactly Portuguese, but not exactly Indian. 

It's a mix, just like me, just like my blog... just like the internet. 


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