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Book Review | Friday on My Mind (Frieda Klein #5) by Nicci French

Frieda Klein is on the run. She is the prime suspect in a murder investigation after her ex-boyfriend is found dead with a hospital tag bearing her name on his wrist. A new detective is in charge of her case and chooses to believe all of those in the police force who think Klein is a maniac, even though she helped solve four cases.

Near the end, Frieda's friend in the police force summarizes perfectly the absurdity of this investigation. Why in the world would someone intelligent kill and leave a tag with his or her name on the dead body? Duh. All those against Frieda are always obnoxious and quite dumb. They do not even seem like real people.

I do not believe this book could be a standalone. Although it is its own story, one would have to really like Frieda to get engrossed. Besides, much of the background stories tie in perfectly to create a good plot, I think.

The book was a bit slow to develop and it showed a reckless Frieda who, being chased by the police, didn't avoid being exposed. I have to say though that one of the scenes where she helps a stranger by defeating his bullies was like a small gem. I could not help but feel proud. But that's because I like this character.

The twist was as usual in the series. Unexpected. I guess Nicci French like to surprise readers. Sometimes I found myself paying attention least expected person because that's usually the one. The solution always comes from a surprise detail readers didn't know about. I'm not a big fan of that, but it works out in the books.

I was hoping for some resolution as to one particular character that is like a shadow since the first book, Blue Monday. It seems like that will be left for the final book, which I still need to get.

This one left something to be desired. I felt the same with the previous one. It was slow at times and there was not as much action as in previous books. Let's hope the next goes out with a bang.


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