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Book Review | Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

What to say? Much like Gone Girl and Sharp Objects, Dark Places starts with first person account of someone not quite well in the head. But Libby has reasons for it. She survived her family being murdered one cold night and testified against her brother for doing it. Now 20 years have passed and she recalls the events, interviews people and even doubts herself after being contacted by a group of amateur detectives, the Kill Club.

The book goes back and forth between present day and the day her family was massacred, amidst the satanism craze of the '80s, to tell the story of Libby's brother and her mother. All the pieces are available, from teenager rebellion and school rumors to financial problems with the family's farm. Flynn is masterful at creating character depth and a complex plot. Everything seems purposeful. All quirks are evidence of something.

Libby is quite a main character. She is ironic and strong, but still childish and probably depressed, judging from her mannerisms. We travel with her through the dark places in her mind and through the darkness of her brother's journey until that night. There was a point where it was impossible to put down the book.

In the end it all makes sense and there's no twist without background just for the shock-value of it. It's all laid out, the details scattered until put together to make up one gruesome night. It all unraveled as I expected.

Now I'll have to wait until Gillian Flynn writes and releases another book. I'm certainly a fan and I'll be following her from now on. Her writing is uniquely enthralling, suspenseful and wonderfully detailed.


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