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Book Review | Saturday Requiem (Frieda Klein, #6) by Nicci French

This is the last installment of the Frieda Klein series so far, but Nicci French already confirmed a seventh book to be in the works, which will be the last one. In Saturday Requiem, Klein is asked to look into an old police case where a whole family has been murdered. Once more, she accepts the challenge.

It's great to be reunited with all the characters in Klein's life and a few new ones. As always, these books are well crafted, although the recipe feels the same. That's not to say this is a boring book. It feels familiar, but with a different story, a quick pace and interludes that show the main character taking walks in London.

Frieda is like a dog with a bone, unwilling and perhaps not capable of letting go of her instincts, which is the main reason no one else believes her until she's able to prove her point. It's annoying to know she's got it right so many times, yet she's always doubted at first, including by the police. Even people she interviews know and trust her for her abilities to get to the heart of the matter. Authorities, on the other hand, seem to hate her.

This case was not as interesting to me as past ones though. It was full of twists and turns as usual, but not as gripping for some reason. Dean is also back to haunt Frieda, but this time he exceeded himself. The conclusion felt devastating this time and it all ends with a cliffhanger, which means I'll have to wait for the final book to know what happens. Once more, Frieda's house is no longer her beloved sanctuary.

It was a good read, refreshing and interesting, with many details developed carefully and surprises until the end. This is one of my favorite book series. Here's to hoping the next one doesn't take long.




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