domingo, 28 de agosto de 2016

Book Review | Tuesday's Gone (Frieda Klein #2) by Nicci French

The second Frieda Klein novel felt like getting together with an old friend. Set one year after the events narrated in the first book, Tuesday's Gone was just as intense a read as Blue Monday. It's slightly longer though.

This time it was not a disappearance that prompted the events. It's a body discovered in the house of a woman with hoarding problems and a more serious mental disability that does. With the help of Frieda, the team of police investigators discovers new clues and people that lead to an unexpected outcome.

Although it was a pleasure to get back on the streets of London and follow Frieda again, I have to say there were was one particular that put me off and reminded me this is a work of fiction: the coincidences.

Frieda's personal problems, which give us insight into her mysterious personal and family life, get tangled with the investigation. It seemed far-fetched when it all unfolded. The twist was amazing though.

Most of the clues were not available to the reader, which was also something I would like to have. While there was an abundance of characters to follow, plus some of the characters from the first book, there were not many details a reader could have known to feel as though one helped solve the mystery.

I wish it had been more interactive this way. However, the plot involves the reader with uncertainty and unrest. Descriptions and character insights are rich and powerful as ever. One of Nicci French's many qualities.

I finished this one and wanted to keep being in the world of Frieda Klein. I almost grabbed the next book and started reading it without a pause. I thought it better to have a break though so I can appreciate it more next time and have a fresh mind for the mysteries to come. Nicci French deserve my full attention.




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