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Book Review | Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I'm a Gillian Flynn addict now. It started with Gone Girl, both the book and the movie script. Both brilliant. Now Flynn's debut novel, Sharp Objects. A sharp read indeed. Now I'm fangirling so hard.

You know you're about to embark on a thriller ride when a debut novel rocks a Stephen Kind review on the back cover. Written in red. "An admirably nasty piece of work," was one of the things he wrote. I agree.

I read this book in less than three days, picking it up whenever I had time to spare and even when I didn't.

Where to begin? Sharp Objects is a first person account where journalist Camille goes back to her hometown to report on a murder and a disappearance. As soon as you get to know Camille, you notice some odd behavior, which then is explained as the plot unfolds. The girl has issues. Getting back home doesn't help.

The novel enveloped me in a sense of dread hard to shake off. It sticks. Maybe the visuals, the vivid descriptions and alliterations, are to blame. They are dark and poignant, especially because they are described in an objective way, as if all of it is normal to Camille. It added to the imagery. It made it all seem morbidly intriguing.

I would recommend Sharp Objects to anyone who enjoys crime novels, thrillers and even horror stories. This book will, I know, haunt me. I know I will keep reading novels with similar themes and compare them to this one. This one will probably be my personal benchmark for contemporary thrillers from now on.

Thank you, Three Rivers Press for including a mention about the font used in this book. I was wondering about it from the beginning and it was a nice surprise to see a note about it at the end. Bauer Bodoni is great.


Book Review | Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


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