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Angel Hair And Aliens In Portugal

Similar to a jelly-made cobweb, angel hair is a supposedly natural substance that descends from the skies, and coincides with reported sightings of religious figures such as the Virgin Mary. However, angel hair is also linked with UFO activity and believed to be a kind of natural material released by spaceships. 

There is not much information on angel hair, because it usually evaporates within a short amount of time, just like the alleged and reported apparitions. There is one reported case of angel hair in Portugal.

According to many news, on November 2, 1959, the Portuguese city of Évora, was visited by two round flying objects, one of them being very bright and incredibly fast. They moved around the city, with abrupt movements and spread light like the sun. But they spread something else too. 

During the mysterious visit, the city was showered with a viscous and light, white and stringy substance: angel hair, also known as "fibralvina". Some of the witnesses say it was falling from the UFO's.

The gelatinous material, that fell for almost four hours, was collected by scientists Lisbon's University. The analysis showed it was made out of fibers, similar to hair when seen under the microscope, and it was composed of well-known elements, such as oxygen, calcium and sodium. 

However, some of the samples contained something that was not so vegetal-like. 

It was reported as a foreign organism, composed of just one cell, that had a rounded nucleus and 10 tentacles coming out of it, and each of those had what seemed to be three tiny fingers. If you look for images of it, it looks eerie. One has to wonder if they are real.

The Virgin Mary allegedly appeared to three children who were shepherds at Fátima, in Portugal, and predicted a series of events, when appearing on the thirteenth day of six months in 1917. 

One of the predictions was the so-called Miracle of the Sun, that actually happened on October 13, 1917. About 100 thousand people witnessed the so-called miracle of what could be called a dancing solar mixed with an eclipse ,and many newspapers reported this.

The event coincided with UFO reports around the area and the fall of angel hair, that witnesses described as light, white petals that would disappear as soon as they touched the ground.

Many alien theorists have been pointing out that this miracle is one big case of extraterrestrial beings visiting Portugal and their spaceship blocking the sun and causing optical illusions. 

Fátima is the place in Portugal with the biggest amount of reported cases of "fibralviva" being seen. It happened on the 13th day of September of 1917, on the 13th of May of 1918, 1923 and 1924. 

Sources: Portuguese newspaper descriptions,some random Google research and witnesses relating the events on several Portuguese documentaries on the History Channel.

Note: Post previously published on the deceased Bubblews website and slightly edited for this blog.


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