sábado, 5 de março de 2016

Book Review | The Scarecrow By Michael Connelly

Here's a book that made me miss working as a journalist. This was the first Michael Connelly book I read, and I could perfectly see this is an author who was once a reporter.

The Scarecrow is sort of a sequel to The Poet, and follows Jack McEvoy's career as a reporter for the Los Angeles Times after helping catch a serial killer and writing a novel about the experience. 

It turns out, not even that can postpone the sad reality of layoffs in a financial crisis scenario and with all the newbie journalist wannabes who are multitasker ninjas, and can do internet takes and video and audio and are pros at searching on Google, Jack's position is put on the line.

At the same time there's a hacker killer on the loose that has been laying low and blaming his crimes on other people. You can almost see where this is all going, and Connelly does not disappoint.

The stories intersect in a fast pacing way. The plot is very visual, although I felt it lacked more detail and character development for those who haven't read The Poet, and for journalists, it touches sensitive topics.

I liked this one a lot, especially because it felt like a guilty pleasure to read it. I guess it was one of those thrillers, very quick in presenting all the details, filled with little surprises and with an action movie type ending that I choose to read in between novels with in-depth plots, you know?

I will certainly keep reading Michael Connelly's books, especially now that I've seen he's written a series of books on detective stories. Please write more journalism stories, Mr. Connelly.



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