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Book Review | By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence get involved in a mystery because Tuppence can see connections between events and people as no one else can. By The Pricking Of My Thumbs is a sinister story, macabre in many ways, that develops slowly, but steadily into a detective story only Agatha Christie could make up.

The couple Beresford has a way into dark matters and find a way to connect the dots. With a series of quirky characters, bits and pieces come together and it takes the last ten pages for the reader to get to know all the details. This one was one of the most funny of Christie's books I've read so far. 

Maybe I was not paying attention to such things as irony of speech when I was a teenager and devoured these types of novels, but this one really pulled some laughs out of me.

This was not my kind of detective fiction, as the main characters are getting old (they say so themselves) and all the action took off after Tommy and Tuppence visited an elderly home. But I can see myself at an older age finding their love for each other while they're having dangerous adventures and doing detective work so much fun. They are a really sweet couple. I'm tempted to go read the previous books, when they were young and agile and delved into spy work.

Reading Agatha Christie's novels is always so easy and fun it falls into the category of guilty pleasures. I can now see the simplicity in her plots, but at the same time the right kind of information she arranged poetically even to make us follow the main story and get our imagination going about all the rest.



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