sexta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2016

To my English speaking readers

I see you make up the majority of my audience and I am sorry I have been neglecting you. I do enjoy writing in English, but Portuguese is also a passion of mine and it is my native language. I'm sure probably most of you are only interested in book reviews anyway, because those are the majority of my posts in English.

I miss writing creatively in English, as it helps to practice for my work, continue to be a proficient bilingual and hopefully fight Alzheimer's, though no one is ever sure if studies indicating prevention of certain illnesses with food or any activity are truthful or just a case of cocky correlations when there's only coincidence.

I'm planning on writing more in the near future, which is surely 2017. I'm not talking about writing reviews, but also sharing some thoughts in English as I used to do in those long-gone websites where one was paid for the traffic (like Bubblews and HubPages — not doing that anymore, especial after Bubblews closed). 

There are some things that only sound good in English, if you ask me. 


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