quinta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2016

Book Review | A Murder Is Announced by Agatha Christie

A murder is announced on a local newspaper. The date, time and place are all there. Locals are intrigued and so are the people who live at the place indicated on the newspaper. The murder does happen. People are shocked. Miss Marple joins the investigation and while the mystery keeps on getting surprising until the climax, Agatha Christie pleases the reader with her exquisite dark humor.

When I saw this A Murder Is Announced at the library I could not believe I never read a book with such a title. It seemed thick enough to last me less than a week and intriguing enough to keep me entertained and curious. I enjoyed it very much but had a hard time keeping up with all the names.

Agatha Christie is quite skilled at making each and every character likable and even relatable. This time I thought a little more development was due in that area. I also found some of the explanations too convenient for the plot. I almost got lost on family ties there, which was distracting.

However, Miss Marple always fixes such minor grievances with her apparently clumsy, but nevertheless sharp methods of finding an offender. As always, it was a pleasure reading a Christie's novel.

I find them very adequate for those long days filled with so many things to do that only a good book can take the weight off my shoulders. They are light enough, but ingenious enough also.



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