sábado, 14 de maio de 2016

Book Review | Life Before Man by Margaret Atwood

I felt compelled to read this book for its title, but then got distracted by the plot. It was so like, "Wait, what?" that I could not really understand some of the inner dialog parts smeared across some of the chapters, some of the thoughts the characters had and the purpose of some of the scenes. 

It was all like a painting that looks beautiful, with grabbing details, but that one cannot really understand.

The premise seemed interesting. A love triangle or quadrangle involving a married a couple and a woman with a weird name (Lesje, pronounced Lashia) with a weird love for dinosaurs. 

Then it all got intense, but scattered. The characters felt shallow. Their intentions seemed to have no purpose. 

At times they seemed to lack the metaphorical backbone old classics with promiscuous, adventurous people have. Not that I read many of those, but I like to know the intentions, the reasons behind choices when I feel I'm getting to know characters that will be keeping me company for some time.

I wanted to like this book but really couldn't. It was bleak, depressing, some of it felt apathetic. 

After that last book I read, it seemed to me I was either making horrible choices or that I lacked the intelligence to understand these books I was choosing. Maybe a bit of both?

I don't have to like every book I choose, I know that. This one was slightly better, as it had some interesting remarks about dinosaurs and end of the world scenarios that kept me going. 

But then that ending definitely ruined the plot for me.



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