sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Samuel L. Jackson Says It Best

Working in transcription sometimes make me wonder whether I’m too demanding or critical of other people, especially those who are supposedly professionals working in communication roles, but then I’m sure I’m not. It’s come to the point where a reasonable interview is a unicorn. Most interviewers I transcribe do one or more of the following: not preparing questions in advance and therefore make a fool of themselves while stumbling on words; not listening while the interviewee is speaker either by continuing to ask questions previously answered or speaking over the poor person; make all sorts of noises right next to the recorder and drowning all the content, including pens clicking, crumbling food wrapping and/or eating, tapping their fingers.

Most important of all: not speaking properly. It makes me think the recorder has special powers and renders people speechless when turned on. But here, Samuel L. Jackson says it best:


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