sexta-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2015

Back To Basics

It seems meals dictate our moves here.

Meal hours are our time limit for anything we do. By lunch time, breakfast is already being digested and most chores under way, as it's cooler and more manageable to engage into more tiring activities. 

Mid morning, there's some tea and maybe biscuits, some fruit or a piece of toast. Diabetes runs wildly in the family. I never wondered why. 

By this time, lunch is already a set plan and often a conversational topic that opens the discussion table about food. After lunch, a little snooze or sitting on the porch. 

From there until the afternoon, time flies and suddenly it's tea or coffee time, again with some snacks to keep one going until dinner time. 

I'm glad I never intended to immerse myself in this lifestyle and brought the means to keep working. Less than a week here and I have no more ideas about food to join the conversation. 

In fact, it's quite boring, even if one thinks about life after retirement (both my uncles are enjoying it now). Sleeping and eating does sound enticing, but only for a week tops, maybe two during vacations.

All of this makes me curious about how other people live their lives in Goa. I do know this is a wealthy village where people make the most of their last days on earth with the funds gathered during their active years, but even so, I see many other people without the familiar belly, produced by the sleepy lifestyle, and a faster pace. There must be something more to be done here, other than thinking about food, eating, planning the next meal, and going out to buy ingredients, and snoozing under the heat.

Right now, it's back to work for me. Mom is cooking pastries right now and asking me what do I fancy for lunch. I have always wanted to try fasting. It's been said it's very good for you. 


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