quarta-feira, 22 de junho de 2016

Book Review | Life of Pi by Yann Martel

You can take this book as an alegory or a non-fiction book. You can choose to believe in what's being narrated or you can take it as a metaphor. Either way one chooses to plunge into the tale, the book is awesome.

I admit I had seen the movie, but as everyone who had read the Life of Pi told me this was not an easy story to put to film, I decided I would read it as soon as I could. I found the book in India and thought it was a great deal and a great opportunity to finally discover this author who was unknown to me.

Funny enough, Yann Martel's note at the beginning, mentioning he wanted to write a story set in Portugal, my residing country, but then moved to Bombay, in the country I was in, to write it, made believe this was indeed the right time to read Life of Pi. I was not wrong and it turns out, this book is now a favorite.

I loved Piscine, the main character, and his views on religion. I find it odd that in the movie they decided to include a love predicament for him, because there's no such thing in the book. Pi's only love is for God, however you want to call this God. In fact, he goes on to experience God in many ways.

The book is beautifully detailed and immersive. It was one of those books where the reader has no problem in believing. Pi tells it in a way that allows one to see it in the mind's eye and that, of course, is subjective to one's experience and beliefs. I, for one, chose to believe Richard Parker was indeed a Bengal tiger.



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