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Book Review | Waiting for Wednesday (Frieda Klein #3) by Nicci French

Two cases unravel in this third installment of Frieda Klein's series while she seems to fall in a downwards spiral of guilt, dread, unsolved cases, subtle connections and love. While the second book felt too fictional, with hard to believe coincidences, this one succeeded in transporting me to a world of real possibilities.

The first case involved a woman found dead in what seemed to be a burglary gone wrong. The second, a short detail in a tale that led to a mystery, then missing girls, then dots put together. All the while, Frieda followed the leads and tried to heal the wounded. It may seem vague, but it's hard to put all of this into words, into a story, without ruining the book's magic, which is made of tiny pieces of a giant puzzle.

That's what it felt like anyway. Although I did like the thrilling cases, all the intricacies and descriptions, this time, like a true friend, I felt like shaking Frieda Klein to make her snap out of her self-doubts and misery. It almost spoiled it all, her self-harmful ways, her self-neglect, her peculiar obsession, her dark passion.

This novel, much like the first one, was compelling to its core. As usual, Nicci French's writing feels like home. In fact, they almost have their own shelf in my library. I have almost all of their books and they had one thing in common: they never failed to deliver. They were never boring nor tiresome nor predictable.

All of their thrillers were really thrillers, with powerful, rich details and unique characters and gruesome cases and in-depth villains with perfectly reasonable, in their own madness, explanations.

It's hard to already be on Wednesday in the series. Saturday approaches. I'm wondering about Sunday, while I'm pacing myself not to read Thursday's Child just yet. Will I do it? I don't know.

No. I just read the summary of the next one. I cannot not read it now. Heading on to one more Frieda Klein story then. All the other books can wait in line for the next opportunity.


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