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Book Review | Thursday’s Child (Frieda Klein #4) by Nicci French

I had mentioned in my previous book review that I had read the summary of the next book of the Nicci French's series and could not hold off reading it. The main reason I so wanted to read Thursday’s Child was the fact that it was all about Frieda Klein herself, as opposed to being about Klein solving a mystery. Well, of course, there is one, but it's almost all about her, her past and her history. It felt like a break from all the previous dread.

I had also mentioned even before that reading another book of this series was like getting together with an old friend. This one felt even more like it because the main character has always been herself a mystery. There was never much about her. Her actions and some of her thoughts were all readers could get.

With Thursday’s Child everything is clearer. Frieda's past is explained, as she goes back to her home town after one of her high school colleagues asks her to talk to her daughter. As it turns out, her daughter's anxiety was triggered by an event similar to one that Frieda experienced when she was about the same age.

As usual, her instinct leads her to put random pieces together with the help of her usual friends. Also as usual, the suspense and thriller aspects of this book do not disappoint. There is a sense of dread as everything unfolds. One feels there's something lurking that's about to be uncovered and that it's probably not pretty.

I liked the pace of the book except the last third. Once it was figured out, there was no real surprise, actually. It was there all along, because once one follows Frieda, one gets a sense for the reasoning of criminal minds and their modus operandi. This was an introspective book designed to pull at the strings of melancholy.

It left me content to be able to know about Frieda's ways. Why she likes walking at night so much. Why she develops sympathy for her patients and why she got so close to one of her friends, Sasha. Why she appreciates independence and freedom and time alone. Why she doesn't like talking about her past.

Once more, I felt like storing this book next to the previous one and grabbing the next. I will let this one sink in first though and get a break from this world. I will keep Friday on My Mind (perfect title) while I go on reading other books waiting to keep me company. Only two books to finish the series. I'm feeling nostalgic already.


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