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Procrastination Is Not Always Wasted Time

There’s nothing wrong with postponing something dreadful to you to do something that gives you pleasure. As long as you’re not missing any deadline, that is. Some of us are just better at producing stuff under stress. Stretching the work over periods of time may not be the right method for everyone. For example, I was not one to continually study at school. I condensed all of my studying right in the most possible moments.

The internet helped spread the idea of procrastination. It is easy to get distracted when there is so much to filter. Procrastination is even glorified in videos and articles with titles like Seven Ways Procrastination Can Be A Good Thing or The Wonders Of Procrastination And Why You Should Do It. Distraction can indeed be a positive thing.

For a procrastinator, it can work as a mood boost. It can give the motivation needed in order to perform a boring task or at least postpone it until adrenaline kicks in and our minds work at their full potential. I'm fond of creativity spurts like that. Most of my most precious creative work was born from stress and anxiety.

Yes, you can lose time and opportunities, delay important decisions and miss out on something due to procrastination. However, you can also let your ideas brew, projects ferment to the point of perfection, have fun and produce quality things while you're not doing what you originally were supposed to be doing.

And maybe, just maybe you might die while you are having fun and not doing whatever it is you were postponing and then you won't even regret it in your final moments. Why am the only one thinking like that sometimes?

Ah, the excuses my mind spills out just to defend its own laziness. Wait, the internet does that too. Brilliantly. Do you know what I was doing while I was procrastinating on ending this post? Reading Quote Investigator because I wanted to gloriously finish all of this by quoting: "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Still not sure who's coined that, but sure enough, while at that my brain managed to vomit some more crazy ideas I will have to write on bits of paper that will get lost all the while I am not finishing a project before the weekend starts.

I forgot to tell you, I am a Master Procrastinator. Contact me if you need some tutoring.

Note: text loosely based on one previously written for the deceased Bubblews website.


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