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Book Review | Blue Monday (Frieda Klein #1) by Nicci French

Nicci French is a writing duo that has a special place on my shelves. My first "adult" book was their bestseller Killing Me Softly. Their books have been my guilty pleasure with no guilt. Their thrillers have always entertained me for hours and not a year goes by without me reading one of their books, even if it means repeating one.

It's no surprise that I loved Blue Monday, the first in the Frieda Klein collection of books. I started thinking about buying all other Klein books after the first three chapters of Blue Monday. Frieda earned a plot in my list of favorite characters. She's very, very attractive and I don't even know much about her looks.

It was love at first read. She's poised, passionate, but also slightly cold and rational. She's elegant and self-assured, intriguing and dark and wonderful. Amazing lead character.

In this novel two kids go missing, 20 odd years apart. Psychotherapist Frieda Klein gets involved with the police investigation because one of her clients seems to have a sort of inside knowledge about one of the cases.

While the plot develops, I got a sense that many doors were opening, doors that led to the main characters' lives. It was like peeking at them, trying to figure out the reasons behind their actions. The thriller aspect was quite intense halfway through the book. Nicci French are masterful at creating a sense of dread.

I got to rekindle the wonder I had when I was a teenager and started to read these kinds of books. I enjoyed all the twists and turns, all the peculiar characters and suspense scenes. I only read it so slowly because I was trying to see if the second book on the series would arrive so I could go on. No such luck.

The twist was not exactly a twist and it came long before the ending. So I was expecting some other surprise, knowing Nicci French as I do. It did not let me down, I have to say.

Brilliant series.



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