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Book review | The Dark Half by Stephen King

Stephen King's pseudonym Richard Bachman was once exposed when no one knew Bachman was King. The Dark Half is a bizarre scenario, lightly inspired in having his secret revealed, where the author who once wrote under a different name imagined a twisted tale of darkness that did not exactly start with a writer's pen name being outed, but where that is one of the many twists and turns in the story. Writer Thad Beaumont, the protagonist, writes also under the name George Stark, and when he does so he seems to turn into a different person.

However, the book starts many years before, and what events are told there seem to make way for something huge coming up for Thad. What I did imagine was not at all what happened, and that is one of the great things about this book. Stephen King led me to believe the plot was going to follow something scientific, realistic even, but fantasy soon takes over, and the peculiar unfolds in masterful words that as always paint the scenario clearly in my mind and flesh out characters that soon turn into friends. Thinking I knew these people, I could not, but did, think the worst of them after crime and crime again is committed. Has Thad gone mad?

I wondered and wondered, got intrigued and intrigued, and time and time again surprised and surprised. The Dark Half is quite literally about the ultimate embodiment of evil in what could be called an outlandish way. It was thanks to King's way of writing that I let go of logic and immersed in the plot. Does the story have to make perfect sense after a series of terrifying, unusual, nightmarish events? Not in this case. It was one of  those wild rides into literary madness, and quite worth the while. In a way it was exactly what I needed to read after a row of unsatisfactory books, and one of them very recently with sparrows in it, too.

Would definitely recommend to those who like horror, weird, fantasy novels.

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