segunda-feira, 17 de outubro de 2016

Book Review | Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry

This books unravels in Bombay, India, in 1971. A family goes through what so much others have been through. Political turmoil, corruption and war, specifically the Bangladesh Liberation War with Pakistan. Many Difficulties. Internal conflict. But also many tales and metaphors and melancholy.

Rohinton Mistry wrote what is now one of my favorite books, A Fine Balance. However, this is a completely different novel. Much more political and grounded in detailed events. But not without a dose of superstition and religion and magical things to cure physical problems that cannot be dealt with otherwise.

The first and second acts were enjoyable and intricate. The third one was too political for my taste and left the story to be developed through the cracks of everything else. What saved it was the charismatic characters. One feels compelled to keep going to finally understand where they're headed.

I found this book to be dense, but also very enjoyable overall. There is intrigue and shock and amazement. It's beautifully written, but not without Mistry used words from Indian dialects that were hard to understand and Google did not offer much help. It made me feel like something was missing.

Now there's only one book from Mistry that's left for me to read. I'm hoping it's going to be A Fine Balance between it and this one. This is certainly an author to look for.




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