quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2016

A good looking bloke

I got to know the restaurant of a hotel called O Pescador with my family when we visited Dona Paula. A friendly couple returned our greeting when we entered the place. Both had an open book on the table and a peaceful look on their eyes. They looked like they were on holidays and enjoying themselves at that. Soon they inspired us to talk about retirement and especially my parents' retirement because the gentleman reminded us of my dad's good-naturedness and free spirit and the lady reminded us of mom's relaxing looks, and even mom agreed with that. We mimicked the couple when they were welcomed to their order of a large plate of french fries. We nodded and smiled at each other during our stay. It was when I got up to take some photos, when the lady was by the pool, that this gentleman decided to strike a pose for me. I promptly obliged and then showed him this photo. "That's a good looking bloke, ain't it?", he said. We all laughed, at the restaurant. He didn't want me to send the photo. I was trying to figure out what to do with it and since his face is not fully visible I decided to publish it on this blog to show this relaxing, good humored moment that happened between strangers, me and the good looking bloke, both in a foreign country.


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