sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2016

My First World Problems

Last week I mentioned a Wall Street Journal article in which super rich Indians complained about not being able to use their super expensive luxury cars since roads in India are pathetic. I used irony to express my feelings about their first world problems, but I am biased when it comes to that. Most of my complaints are also first world problems, as I grew up in Portugal, an European country that made me used to certain comforts that I am now finding difficult to live without. I know I am a bit spoiled.

This week I found myself quite sad about not being able to see Star Wars at the cinema here. It's no longer available in any of the INOX theaters in Goa. I did take a while to finally go there, but the movie was only available for about two weeks and I had other things to do. I did not expect it would be gone so soon.

I also cursed the internet services quite a few times this week. It has been hard to rely on the internet to work for about two hours straight without a glitch. When there's no problem, the electricity fails. When there's no energy problems, I have pressing matters at hand. There's always something.

I find the lack of book stores in Goa both intriguing and annoying. I have been able to get books from the library at Nagoá de Vernã, but I know I will find it difficult to go there at times. I want to buy some books for those occasions when I don't have the time to go there.

I miss french fries. I miss Portuguese potatoes, actually. I did have some at KFC just to beat the craving, but I miss being able to get fries any time I want or cook potatoes without them crumbling.

Those are some of my first world problems that especially haunted me this week. 


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