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Book Review | Digital Fortress by Dan Brown

Super fast paced and easily digestible. Digital Fortress is a techno-thriller written by Dan Brown that combines intrigue, romance and bits of history solved into bits of fiction. It's about a famous US organization, codes, code breaking and, of course, conspiracy theories supported by some facts or fiction.

The plot is always dynamic in its essence, even when narrating romance. The main characters are Susan and David, who are an incredibly handsome and smart couple. He is a professor who knows six or more languages, she is an expert in mathematics and the director of code breaking in said US organization. They are both fit for Sexiest People Alive, apparently, which always seems to happen in Dan Brown's novels. I'm yet to find super smart people that are also super gorgeous in real life, but okay.

It was not at all hard to read this book. I finished it in about four days, mainly because I cannot stand cliffhangers. Brown likes them too much for my taste. However, that's already his style and it does help in these kind of fast paced plots, with something always happening.

What I did not like was the convenience of certain details that moved the plot forward, much like what had happened in previous books like The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. If you do not like deus ex machina instances, you probably don't like Hollywood movies nor Brown's books.

I learned two or three fun facts to break the ice at parties with this book. It also made me research facts that my memory deemed interesting enough to keep for future reference.

The climax and conclusion did not leave me hanging, although they were not entirely satisfying, but the story overall was interesting and fun to read. I mean, I finished it in four days after all.



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