quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2016

Old Age

Completed an age quiz on some random website found on Facebook. Thought it was somewhat trustworthy (chewing on a big grain of salt there) because it had general knowledge questions. 

Turns out knowing most of the answers makes me old. As in 55 years old. The result author went on to say I must have a perfect balance between work and social life (what gives?) and that I have learned a lot during my half a century stay on this planet. Erm. Knowing the answers means exactly the opposite, I think.

Identifying Saturn on an image, knowing who painted Mona Lisa, who invented the telephone, the name of a Beatles album were some of the questions on the quiz. Quickly answering those actually means I have book smarts, if nothing else. It does not prove my balancing skills between work and social life. 

It does not mean I'm older than I am, although taking this quiz as seriously as to write a post about it kind of makes me feel old. It's like I've just discovered the internet and still trust ads that entice me to believe there is someone out there who can enlarge a certain part of the human anatomy.

Anyway. Dear quiz writers (where can I send my resume, by the way?), please do not jump to conclusions based on generalized answers and risk pointing out to a woman she's older than she is.

I will not take it personally though. I guess I can always say that age is nothing but a number.

Wait, I can find a better cliché. I can say older means wiser.



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