terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2016

Book Review | Animal Farm by George Orwell

When I first read Animal Farm I could not understand all the metaphors, so I headed on to Google and found websites where all the subtleties were drawn in a simple enough way for me to understand them. Fast forward more than ten years and, while reading an article on something I can't even remember, I spotted a reference to Animal Farm and I decided I should read it again with my current level of maturity *cough cough*.

Orwell's book is quite more fun than my memory of it. However, it is also very sad and tragic when one realizes how much we, humans, lived and still live just like the animals of the farm. Although the book is simple in its narrative, I also found it brilliant. It's very clever in its details, but it also throws certain prompts to the imagination with an irony that surprised me. It made me feel helpless and hopeless sometimes.

The plot starts in a farm owned by a drunkard of a human. The animals decide to rebel and take over the farm so that they can be free and only work for themselves, not for a human, as humans are "the only creature that consumes without producing." What happens next, as I understood it, just shows, in the story itself and through the metaphors, that humans are really the most dumb of creatures.

All history lovers should read this book for sure. I had a great time with it, understanding the hidden complexity of it and also all the references that escaped me when I read this book as a teenager.



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